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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: The newsletter contains recipes, exercise programs, updates on all challenges and information on MOVE123, a complementary virtual wellness class platform.  The newsletter also has the current live stream stretch breaks and traditional daily classes; group exercise & stretch break schedule for November 30th to December 4th, 2020.   Check out the weekly recipe  and the exercise program(s).  Follow this link to find the  Cardio Interval and Muscle Interval Program . Enjoy! 

For more class sessions, please access the Vibrant Living Fitness Centre website and or Optimal by LIV North for previously recorded classes and virtual classes:

Vibrant Living Fitness Centre website: http://vibrantlivingfitnesscentre.ca/

Optimal by LIV North:  https://optimalbylivnorth.cshape.net/gym2/guestmembership2.aspx?type=VLFC  

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE – Starting Dec 1st, choose to do either the Pushup or the Abdominal Curl exercise.  If you are an exerciser then you are to complete both; the Pushup and Abdominal Curl requirements daily.  Please see the calendar/poster link for more details.  Reach out to me for more information, guidance and support. I am always interested in who participates in these challenges. GOOD LUCK and ENJOY!

For those who participated in the 4 Week Kick Start Challenge, it has come to an end.  However, feel free to continue practicing all four components to maintain overall health and wellness.  This is especially needed during the holiday season.

Due to COVID-19 the Strength Gain Challenge / Krav Maga Self-Defense Program (listed below) are on hold/suspended.  We will resume these two programs when the fitness centre re-opens.

KRAV MAGA COMMANDO Women’s Self Defense 4 Class Program (Download)

The Krav Maga Commando Self-Defense 4 class program will be a quick review of the previous program and then will expand into further self-defense moves.  All are welcomed; members and non-members. And for only a small fee of $40.00 for the entire 4 class program. Waiver forms will have to be completed at the time of registrations and payment.


  • Suspended during COVID-19


  • Suspended during COVID-19


  • Suspended during COVID -19 – However weekly recipes are sent to all participants via email.